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Страницы истории в фотографиях. Америка. Мгновения прошлого.

Оригинал взят у npl_22 в Страницы истории в фотографиях. Америка. Мгновения прошлого.
Автор - OksGurbanova. Это цитата этого сообщения
Страницы истории в фотографиях. Америка. Мгновения прошлого.

Christine Nilsson, Swedish soprano, half-length portrait, seated, facing left

The dreaming Iolanthe, King Rene's daughter, from Henri Herz a study in butter 

The cheapest eating house in America a warm meal for 5 cts.

H[is] I[mperial] Highness the Grand Duke Alexis [right, front], at the residence of Hon. G. V. Fox, Lowell, Massachusetts, Dec. 9th, 1871

New Masonic temple, Grand Lodge room, west Philadelphia

Morning glories

Group of Shakers

Group of women standing in a semi-circle, formally dressed, holding brooms tied with bows, possibly as symbols of protest

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty"

Victorian Court, Australian sec.


Young America in the nursery

D. Appleton & Co., stereoscopic views and implements

Anʹ-ti-naints, Pu-tuʹ-siv, and Wiʹ-chuts, Sitting

Anʹ-ti-naints and Wiʹ-chuts

Kai-aŕ, in calico

Anʹ-ti-naints, Pu-tuʹ-siv, and Wiʹ-chuts

The Maiden

The Messenger in full dress

On a trading Expedition

Tauʹ-rub (wife of Won-roʹ-an) in full dress


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